The Flock Is Taking Over the Wild West

April 5th - 7th 2024 | Los Trece, Texas

My Peecock Wild West Comedy Fest!

Join the My Peecock Flock as we take over the Wild West Town of Los Trece.  

Take a step back in time to the late 1800's with this incredible event taking place over two days. On-site lodging will be available for those who want to hang their saddle close. 

More info below!


General Announcements

We are please to announce the Early Visitors Center is our Small Stage Sponsor for the festival. 

We are please to announce, Poppy Road Digital Strategies is our Design and Promotions Sponsor for the festival. 

We are looking for  Outdoor Stage, Indoor Stage, Family Area and In-Kind Sponsors.

 If you are interested , please send and email to

Festival Tickets On Sale Now!!!

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Truth and Justice League

National Merch Sponsor

Poppy Road Digital Strategies

Design and Promotions Sponsor

Early Visitors Center

Outdoor Small Stage Sponsor


List of Performing Comedians

Jon Carden - TX  (Festival Headliner)

Ezekiel Swenson - WA

Brian Dixon - OK

Brian Clune - CA

Morgan Hyman - TX 

Heikal Mohamed - NY

Matt Andrew - NV

Matty Cupcakes - TX

Jamie Campbell - MO

Cody Troutman - OK

Trent Ludzack - GA

Brett Harper Jennings - CA

Molly MaGee - TX

Andrew Cassidy - CA

Adrienne Green - TX

Ben Bergman - CA

Selena Martinez - TX 

Alex Mann - MA

Zeb Balentine - AR

Arthur Dixon - TX

Caleb McCourry - OK

Cepeda Cheeks - OK

Alia Janine - NY

T.J. Evans - TX

Garrett Barbee - OK

Matt Willis - TX

Bee Gee - LA

David Bates - OK

Amaru - MI

Melanie Kemp - OK

Brayden Ehrlich - OK

Mizz Kitty - OK

Daniel May - NY

Matt Ferrell - OK

Bart Kumar - FL

Lauren Wade - OK

Billy Dodaro - IL

Nick Campbell - OK

Teresa Crump - TX

Billy Dodaro - IL

Nick Campbell - OK

Teresa Crump - TX

Katy Style - OK

Daniel May - NY

Tim Jolly - TX

Bart Kumar - FL

Dennis Maley - OK

Logan Jensen - TX

Dalton Packan - OK

Sarah Barnitt - NY

Wayne Morris - TX

Spencer Mills - OK

Andrew Patterson - OK

Kevin Hollingsworth - TX

Curtis Hinds - TX

Valeria Vulpe - NY

Kyle Ruff - CO

Jay Hunter - IN

Israel "Izzy" Goldman - OK

Ryan LaPointe - OK

Dakota Price - TX

3901 US-84 183 E, Early, TX 76802